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Over 100 hectares is a Private Reserve, situated around the crystal-clear waters 
of the Machuca River. 
This area will be preserved for conservation and the creation of a natural park for all owners
 & residents of Hacienda Solevida
If you are finally ready for a life with absolutely no stress, no neighbors & no bright lights, then you've found home!
If your time has finally arrived. . if you have decided that "becoming one with nature" is your next step, then you've found home!
*Drinking Water. . concession of an underground aquifer granted for the BC47 water well capable of supplying 100 households. 
The subterranean geology indicates sufficient aquifers 
at 60 to 120 meters’ depth.

*Primary Distribution Lines of medium voltage at 35 kV already built with an extension of 3 km that go from the south (entrance) to the north limit with the option of reaching the river.

*Abundant Nature. . the rich soils and tropical beauty of Hacienda Solevida allow the creation of not only a perfect scenario for living,
but also to create a business of your own.

*Existing Infrastructure of a 1 km gravel road 
already built.

*Secondary Distribution Electric Line with 
transformers for home-use voltage with an extension 
of 1 km already built.

Project Features & Benefits
1 hr 30 min 
71.6 km / 45 miles
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Urban conditions & modern facilities are located 
in Orotina. . only 5 miles (8 km) 
from the property.

This town is self-sufficient. You can find the offices of various specialists, clinics, banks and a wide supply of all kinds of products & 
merchandise to provide convenience, comfort 
and a wonderful, laid-back lifestyle.
This entire area is very peaceful. 
It is characterized by the general atmosphere of tranquility in all of
the surrounding neighborhoods 
with its very-well-educated 
and friendly inhabitants. .
In addition, Orotina is renown for its fertile lands, fruit and vegetable production, pasture for cattle 
and poultry production.
Driving Times & Distances 
from Hacienda Solevida to 
Popular Locations Around Costa Rica. .
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To Juan Santamaria International Airport:
55 minutes / 60 km / 37 miles
To Guanacaste Airport:
2 hours 26 minutes / 154 km / 96 miles
To Jaco Beach:
48 minutes / 48 km /  30 miles
 To Puerto Limon:
 3 hours 45 minutes / 230 km / 143 miles
To Puerto Caldera:
16 minutes / 15 km / 9 miles
To Escazu:
1 hour 10 minutes / 67 km / 41 miles
To Quepos:
1 hour 41 minutes / 112 km / 70 miles
To Osa Peninsula:
4 hours 38 minutes / 313 km / 195 miles
To San Isidro (Perez Zeladon):
2 hour 55 minutes / 187 km / 116 miles
*We Are in the Process of Installing fiber optics 
for high-speed internet.
Not out of the way. . just out of this world!
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A Beautiful Property totalling 780 acres 
(315 hectares). .

Strategically Located in one of the best areas of the Central Pacific Zone of Costa Rica.
Close to Celba / Orotina / San Mateo. .

Abundant Nature with limitless possibilities for the creation of a unique & desirable living concept. .

Perfectly Suitable to meet the rapidly-growing market for mid-to-high-end housing, combined with a sustainable, country lifestyle. .
An Amazing Property. . 1,000's of fruit trees planted with lots of green areas. .

A Great Location. . 8 km from Orotina. 12 km from Puerto Caldera. . 15 km from the nearest beaches of the Central Pacific. .

Extra Large Homesites. . room for huge
decorative & edible landscaping areas. . 
orchids . . live self-sufficiently. . enjoy life. .

Freshwater Springs. . gentle hills, paddocks & grasslands, internal roads & more. .

We Have Access to local architects, builders, municipal officers for permits, etc.
Imagine having enough room to plant a garden large enough to feed your entire family forever. . a self-sufficient lifestyle. .

Hacienda Solevida currently has 20-plus lots / building sites already segregated, registered & fully serviced. Buy and build upon receipt of
your permit. .

The remaining farm has wide & fertile lands to be divided into mini-farms 
for your family's projects. . you are able to choose 
the size of your property. .
Phase 1

20 hectares of land divided into 20-plus lots. . 10.000/m2 each. Fully surveyed, registered in National Registry, power and water lines, internal road system.

Phase 2: 

50 hectares of mango plantation. A wonderful
opportunity to buy a 10.000/m2 lot and live on your
own mango plantation. Also, edible gardens and orchards. This provides extra income and 
food for you and your family.

Phase 3: 

142 hectares of land with varying views,
altitudes, assets and sizes. If the buyer has a
specific objective as to the use of the property, we
will present specific lots that will best suit their needs. Each lot will be fully serviced with water and electricity to lot line and will be part of the internal road system.

Phase 4

100 hectares is made up of a tropical forest
reserve. It is located on the eastern shore of
Machuca River. The concept is to have this area held in perpetuity as a reserve for the enjoyment of the property owners and for the benefit of Mother Nature and her flora and fauna.
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If 2022 is the year that you will be making so many huge, necessary changes for the better, then you've found home!
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